Chetana Sound Studio

Chetana is the culmination of the long cherished dream of the Devamatha Province of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate(CMI) to inculcate and foster human ideals and values in the modern world.

Chetana is in a class of its own, constantly striving to merge the artistes with their art and creating a homely ambience within the high tech.Interested parties are welcome to take a tour of the studio and get a first hand appraisal of the facilities on deck. Any doubts regarding help with your projects would be settled by an ever obliging staff.

The Professional Touch

The studio offers total audio production, from voice-overs and sound design to music recording and re-recording. It also features state-of-the-art recording, mixing, and post-production facilities to accommodate the client's music and movie production needs, as well as the capacity to mix in stereo and in surround, with home and theatrical monitoring system.

The Personal Touch

The studio buzzes with a team of warm, friendly and amiable staff committed to the excellence and integrity of each project. Our work ethic instills in our engineers a sense of ownership. For them the studio is a second home. This has served to bring out in them a passion and intensity that have far exceeded our client's expectations.


Be a great media centre where people are inspired to be the best they can be; nurturing a winning network of artistic talents, benevolent benefactors and an appreciative audience, together to create mutual, enduring and eternal values.

Be a leader to bring to the world a portfolio of quality in Sound Recording for the music and movie industry that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs..

Be a responsible institution that makes a difference by training qualified recording artists, by building a caring community of recording engineers and by supporting the music and movie culture of our nation


To provide the best team of staff, gear, technical expertise as possible!.

To take a no-compromise approach to sound recording that strikes the perfect balance between sonic fidelity,creative freedom and affordability.

To ensures the ultimate aim of capturing the magic of music and postproduction for the benefit and enjoyment of many..

Chetana Sound Studio

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