It is a professional digital recording and film mixing (5.1) featuring a Pro Tools HD3 hard disc recorder with Control 24, Avalon and Focusrite pre-Amps, numerous outstanding effects and signal processors, and JBL cinema arrey monitor speakers. The result is pristine, superior digital audio with an organic warmth generated by the wooden floors and wall panels treated acoustically of the main room, isolated studio rooms and a full professional complement of premier brand microphones including Manley, AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyer-dynamic, Electro-Voice and Shure. The Studio has always attracted the brightest and the best, no matter what type of music and Film Mix. This Spacious studio is designed for maximum comfort of the artists and musicians and film makers.If you are planning a recording project or a Film Mix and are checking out recording studios, and if our studio seems like a good fit for your project, please feel free to contact us for booking and special package rates.


It is custom designed and built purely for Stereo mixing and as such has good acoustic qualities. Some of our biggest hits have been mixed in this room. The JBL speakers equipped to mix 5.1 surrounds further improve the excellent qualities of our amazing recording facility. You may now Pre mix in 5.1 surrounds as well as a stereo mix at the same time. The sound quality is far superior to most mixing facilities available. And with the advent of Digital Television and widespread consumer surround sound system, it is time for surround mixes. We have everything you could need for your surround needs whether it is for home or theater use.


It has an aesthetically pleasing design to cater to the budget conscious producers and musicians for the widest range of uses without compromising quality. This room provides multi-tracks recording with music production toolkit in ProTools Digi 003 with focusrite preamps, AGK 414 microphones and Tannoy active speakers.Our clients continue to return and we hope you'll see why once you've dealt with our friendly team of experienced engineers. Our clients demand quality,reliability and professionalism and that's exactly what we give them.

Chetana Sound Studio

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